• Melanie LeBlanc

Avenue Beauty - Brand session at Venue 308- Calgary Brand Photographer

I just adore the talented ladies of Avenue Beauty! And I have had the pleasure of working with some of them on several occasions! Including my OWN wedding in Fall 2018. So when Robin reached out to me to ask if I was able to do a brand session for her and her team, I was over the moon!

Leading up to the session, Robin & I chatted about different locations and after listening to what Robin envisioned for the shoot, I suggested Venue 308! It's exposed brick walls are the perfect backdrop for an edgier, modern session. But more importantly Robin wanted a space where the girls could all "work" on clients and wouldn't you know it; Venue 308 has a BEAUTIFUL space for just that!

The afternoon was nothing short of so-much-fun!!! The ladies were such a delight to photograph. And even though some of them were a little nervous; they honestly crushed it! We did a variety of head shots for each of them in a few different outfits. There were many group photos accompanied by lots of laughs! And then of course, the "working" images in that beautiful getting ready space.

I can't say enough good things about these ladies! They are all so talented, hard working, kind and beautiful! And here they are:






Bunch of beauties right?! And I just adore their group photos the most! You can see the genuine connection these ladies have and the joy they get from working together!

If you are looking for an amazing team of ladies you can confidently hire for your wedding or event; these are your gals! Please visit their website www.avenuebeauty.ca to see their beautiful work and find about more about them!

Thank you SO much ladies for trusting me to capture these moments for you! -Melanie Xx